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Andi Frazin
Literary Manager/Producer





2017: Winner One-Reeler Short Film Competition - Special Mention for Country Club Confession


2017: Tina became one of 10 artists in 9 counties to be awarded a seat (as screenwriter/ filmmaker) in Creative Capital's Professional Development Program sponsored by NYSCA.


2016: Tina was selected as a participant in The 2016 Writers Lab, created by IRIS and NYWIFT, supported by Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey. MindStrike (formerly Drone War) entered.


More wins on About.


I live to tell stories. I welcome you to my site where you can learn more about my feature scripts, shorts, and TV projects.

Please e-mail me for a treatment, first 5 page sample, script, or further information. Or call anytime as I'd be happy to chat.

Do you have an idea you'd like to see brought to life? Let's discuss the possibility of me working for you. 



I joined eleven other winning writers of the IRIS/NYWIFT-sponsored 2016 Writers Lab on November 1 where scenes from our winning scripts were read by celebrity talent directed by Amber Sealey. TWL is funded by Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey, and Nicole Kidman. More info...

Feature Scripts

New! ROBOlution   Sci-fi | Action (91 pages), synopsis and treatment. In development with Andi Frazin, Literary Manager/Producer. IMDB

Logline: Ten years after alien robots invade Earth to mine its magma, a former Marine is captured and forced by a robot mutineer to fight in a revolution that will end the reign of the deranged leader who captured her family and is destroying the planet. 

This script was originally written for a male lead as indicated in the trailer below; however, it is now available with a female in the lead. This could be filmed at any international location. Strong male and female co-leads. Fx.



MindStrike (formerly Drone War)  Sci-fi | Thriller (106 pages), synopsis and treatment. In development with Andi Frazin, Literary Manager/Producer. IMDB This script won a seat at The 2016 Writers Lab.

Logline: In 2095, a hacker breaks into restricted code to track her kidnapped sister and her best friend's murderer. She soon finds herself the target of a powerful virtual enemy in control of a drone army.

Set in a fictitious city, this script could be easily modified to suit an international location. Female lead. Strong male co-lead. Fx.



Apex   Sports Action | Fantasy (90 pages). Synopsis. In development with Andi Frazin, Literary Manager/Producer.

Logline: Rival twins crash and die during a motocross race and are forced by a disgruntled afterlife adjustor to compete for one return ticket to life.

This story is set in a rural location. One female and male (or twin) co-leads. Fx. Sports action. This script has won and placed in several competitions.


Beyond All Odds, The Cindy McCoy Story   Biography | Drama | Sport 
bio-pic (108 pages) about the life of Cindy McCoy, 1960s banked track roller games superstar. Synopsis, treatment & script.  

Logline: After a young girlís parents put her invalid older sister in an institution, her father turns to alcohol and leaves and her mother abandons her. Yet she overcomes these obstacles to rise to the top of the 1960s world of international roller games.

Contact Cindy McCoy O'Neill for synopsis, treatment, and script.


BrideNapped  Rom-com/Action feature script (111 pages), synopsis.

Logline: Kidnapped first by an ex-boyfriend and then by hired hit men, a naÔve bride vows to escape and still get to her wedding on time.

Set in New York City, this script could be modified to suit another urban location and could be scaled up or down. Female/male co-leads. Action.


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